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About Shelly Allen

Shelly Allen is a graphic artist, graphic designer and a championship Irish dancer.

Shelly worked for for 9 years as a graphic designer and after the company was bought out by a larger corporation, she started her own graphic design company through her family's business, Willowrise LLC. She now designs websites and graphics for multiple clients. If you're interested, check out her graphic design portfolio.

Shelly has trained for over 10 years as an Irish dancer and competed in Championships at Western US Regional feiseanna for over 7 years. During class, while watching her friends practice, she took photos of the other dancers. As a result, Shelly has a large portfolio of Irish dance action portraits. Some of her best photos are now graphic art pieces. Click here to see Shelly's Irish dance photo collection.

Shelly loves to create graphic art from her own photos and other sources. Her art demonstrates both simplicity and joy.

At age 34, she now has over 100 graphic art pieces in her collection. Please feel free to browse through Shelly's art gallery and if one of her art pieces inspires you, you can purchase a print in her online Print Shop. Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions about Shelly's art, graphic portfolio or Irish dance photography, feel free to send her an email.

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