3 Easy Ways To Help the Somaly Mam Foundation


Tomorrow (January 11th) is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. To help raise awareness about one of the biggest problems we face in the world today I would like to encourage everyone to support the Somaly Mam Foundation.

The Somaly Mam Foundation is a charity that rescues and provides shelter for children who are victims of human trafficking. Every day children all over the world are sold and forced to work in brothels. They are molested and tortured multiple times a day. Somaly Mam, a survivor of human trafficking herself, rescues these children from brothels in Cambodia. She provides them with shelter and love as well as education in self-confidence and independence.

I cannot imagine a charity that needs our help more that the Somaly Mam Foundation. Human trafficking is the 2nd largest crime industry in the world and without every person making an effort to help, more and more children will be put in danger of being sold and molested every day.

So how can YOU help?
I have put together a list of three easy ways that every single person can help Somaly Mam in her battle to end human trafficking.

1: Donate
Since one US dollar can feed an entire Cambodian family for a day, even small donations will make a difference. $50 can provide food and shelter for a victim for a month. Donate just $5, $10 or any amount you wish here: Somaly Mam Foundation Fundraiser.

2: Spread The Word
What gives the human trafficking industry more power than anything else is it's secrecy. How can we fight such a huge problem if we're all afraid to talk about it? Everyone needs to be aware that human trafficking is a problem EVERYWHERE. It happens here in the United States every day, right under our noses. Once someone new learns the facts about modern day slavery, they are more able to read the signs and recognize when it's happening around them. Not everyone has money to donate, but all of us can help spread the word! Tell your family and friends, share news, media and information about human trafficking on Facebook, blogs and Twitter.

3: Pray
I truly believe prayer can make a difference. I also believe that a large group of people praying daily for the same thing can make a huge difference. Pray for Somaly Mam, survivors of human trafficking and more than anything pray for children who are being forced to do things against their will every day.

Take responsibility for those who don't have the freedom you have! When one person loses their freedom, all of us suffer. Every single person must believe they can make a difference. Help Somaly Mam fight human trafficking! Don't ignore the problem and don't be afraid to talk about it. One voice can make a difference, but a million voices can change the world.

Donate to Somaly Mam Foundation.
Visit the Somaly Mam Foundation website to learn more ways you can help.

Article written by Shelly Allen.
Photo credits: Somaly (black & white), Somaly with children.

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