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I just wanted to take a moment to show off my brothers and sister's talents. If you enjoy what you see on my website, you will probably appreciate their websites as well. I have three brothers and one sister and all of us have creative talents that we love to share with others through websites and blogs. A few years ago, we got together and decided it would be fun to start selling the things we create, so we started a family business called Willowrise. Each of us have different projects we're working on at the moment, but it's all part of the same business. You know that I currently sell my photography and website templates, but here are the projects my brother's and sister are working on at the moment....

Shane Hathaway

My oldest brother, Shane has always been an expert at computers and programming. Right now he is working on a project called WingCash. WingCash is a simple way for people and businesses to send and receive cash on the Internet and in person. It's a brilliant new idea and I'm excited to see just how big it gets. You can also visit his blog, Picklebytes.

Maria Spencer

My older sister, Ria is an amazing artist. She produces beautiful colored pencil artwork and regularly posts new art on her blog, Ria Fine Art. She has a remarkable talent for capturing emotion and brilliant colors. She has won art contests and sells originals as well as prints of her work.

Chas Hathaway

Chas, is a lot like me when it comes to creative talents. Instead of picking just one thing he is a published author, composer and musician as well as a photographer. His website, focuses on his books and music. The site also has a humor section where you can listen to hilarious phone conversations he's had with telemarketers.

Jake Hathaway

My younger brother, Jake is currently studying advertising at UVU. Jake and my Dad work together to advertise what we create at Willowrise. That's not all Jake can do, though. Jake creates artistic wood carvings and wood frames. He has also composed some beautiful arrangements to hymns on the piano. Visit his blog, The Wooden Tablet.

I enjoy visiting my brothers and sister's websites all the time, so I thought you might want to take a look. I'm proud to say that I come from a very talented family.

Article written by Shelly Allen.
Photos by Shelly Allen Photography

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