I'm a Photographer Because I Want To Prove To Everyone Just How Physically Beautiful They Really Are


How many times have you looked at a beautiful photo of a model and said to yourself, I wish I looked like her? Some women say this sort of thing out loud all the time, others are not willing to admit it, but I'm guessing that at some point in your life you have secretly wished you looked like a model in a magazine photo.

I'm here to tell you, you already do. Models aren't any more attractive than everyone else. By saying that, I'm not claiming that all those magazine ads are photoshopped. Sometimes photos are manipulated in such a way to shrink a waist or enlarge the eyes, but most of the time, it's not necessary. Those models are just regular people who owe their great photos to a great photographer.

When I was a kid I used to look at photos of models in magazines and wonder where in the world they found such perfect looking people. Are there simply a scattered few immaculate women and men with perfect complexion, abnormally large eyes, and freakishly thin waists walking among us... or is it all a lie? Then I became a photographer.

What I desperately wish for so many women and men to know is that anyone, and I mean anyone, can look just as stunning, just as perfect, just and drop dead gorgeous as any model in a magazine.

Sounds unreal right? Ya, most people don't believe it. That's why many women waste much of their lives watching the scale and spend hours putting on a thick layer of makeup every day. They don't realize that they have just as much natural beauty as any woman who ever posed for a magazine. It's not about weight, it's not about shape or even the makeup job.

So what's the secret? How is it done? Well, it's much more simple than you think. It's all in the skill of the photographer. It's the lighting, equipment, touch-up tools, not to mention a natural creative eye for composition. A good photographer has enough skill to make a portrait of anyone a masterpiece, without using any Photoshop manipulation to alter the natural appearance of the subject.

So the obvious question is, why are models pressured into losing weight, tanning their skin, and sitting in a makeup room for hours on end perfecting their image? The way I see it, there are 3 possibilities, and all of them have to do with the photographer.

1. The photographer is lazy.
Sounds odd, but there are many people who spend more time trying to get out of doing extra work then actually doing their job. These photographers pressure the models into making themselves look inhuman so they don't have to worry about composition, lighting or touching-up the photo.

2. The photographer's services are expensive.
It is possible the photographer charges a massive amount by the hour for their services, forcing the client to make those who are paid less to work harder. That means the photographer doesn't have enough time to do a first rate job. It is then up to the models to make themselves look inhuman again.

3. The photographer does not know what they are doing.
This is the least likely reason in a professional magazine shoot, but is most likely the reason why you might hate a photo you see of yourself. Aunt Betsy is not a skilled photographer, so don't expect much when she tags a photo of you on Facebook. ;)

It's shameful that photographers regularly lower the self esteem of their subjects by making them believe they have to do all the work to look good in one of their photos. I love being a photographer because many people go their whole lives without ever knowing they are just as beautiful as anyone else. It is NOT your responsibility to make a photo look the best it can by altering your appearance with makeup, new clothes, or even losing 20 pounds. Taking a high quality photo is the photographer's responsibility! A great photographer emphasizes your most beautiful features and therefore captures you at your best. Instead of just snapping the camera in your direction, a skilled photographer has a natural eye for what makes you look most beautiful and unique and knows how to capture it.

I myself grew up feeling like I was not a very attractive person because every time I looked at a photo of myself I'd cringe at the horrible nerdy girl with big ears staring back at me. Finally, when I was about 25, my sister and I did a photo shoot of me just for fun in my parents backyard. When we finished, I looked at the photos and was shocked! I looked like a model! I'm not kidding you. We showed the photos to my Mom and her first comment was, "They look so natural." Again I was shocked! I could hardly believe I 'naturally' looked that way.

Why were my sister's shots so different than any taken before? Because she is a great photographer. She knows what she's doing, and she took enough shots to get a photo that captured me in a beautiful, artistic way. It was a huge boost to my confidence when I realized that I looked ugly and unattractive in previous photos because those other photographers didn't know what they were doing.

Now that I'm a professional photographer myself, more than anything I love to hear the comments I get from people when they first see the photos I've taken of them. It's such a joy to prove to someone they are a physically beautiful person. I work hard to capture the moment in such a way that shows a person's natural beauty and brings out their best features. Each person I photograph has a beauty that compares to no one else. God gave each of us our own unique beauty and we were never meant to compare ourselves to each other. There is no need!

So if you're looking for a photographer, do yourself a favor and find someone you can trust to capture you in the right way. A real photographer can't wait to show you just how beautiful you naturally are. Find someone who knows what their doing and is willing to do the work. And don't let a bad photographer convince you that you are not a beautiful person. Trust me, you are NOT ugly, you're just a little naive for allowing Aunt Betsy take a your wedding photos.

Article written by Shelly Allen.
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