The Top 10 Reasons Why Wedding Receptions Are Dumb


So... I've encountered quite a few people who are a little surprised that Russ and I are not going to have a wedding reception. Frankly I'm a little shocked that so many people like receptions at all. They're expensive, annoyingly traditional and REALLY boring! But instead of going on and on about every single reason why wedding receptions are dumb, I've decided to create a top ten list that emphasizes the biggest reasons why everyone planning to get married should seriously consider skipping the reception all together.

Ria and Mark's Wedding

10: Throwing a bouquet, cutting a cake, dancing with your father... what in the world do these weird traditions have to do with finding your soul mate? Nothing.

9: I don't want to spend the best day of my life posing for pictures. This is not about how I look in my dress or who styled my hair.

8: Is it really important to invite every single person that has ever seen or heard of us? The only real motivation in doing something like that is simply to show off. "Oh! Look at me! I'm so pretty in my dress and look at this hot guy who's in love with me! I'm so special! Look, look, look!" Ya... no thank you.

7: I don't really enjoy being the center of attention. That kind of stress gives me a headache. I don't want a headache on my wedding day.

6: It takes the focus away from the real purpose of the day. For example the actual sealing ceremony.

5: They just plain cost waaaaay too much.

4: They go on and on and on and on.... they seem to last forever. Especially if you decide to stand in a line all day! There's a fun way to spend the best day of your life.

3: If you don't have a reception you don't have to worry about buying flowers, a layered cake, decorations, clothes for bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls... need I go on?

2: You don't have to spend your entire engagement planning a reception, which leaves much more time for making-out and cuddling. ;)

and the number one reason of all...

1: With no reception, the Honeymoon starts much sooner. ;)

Article written by Shelly Allen & Russell Allen.
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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