Cupcakes & Nut-Buckets for Father's Day


Cupcakes & Father's Day Gifts

Last weekend I had a lot of fun making and decorating cupcakes and putting together some "nut-buckets" for Fathers Day. Now that Russ and I have a kitchen all to ourselves, I'm suddenly really excited about baking, especially treats. I'll probably start doing quite a few blogs like this that feature photos of the goodies I'm going to make.

Cupcakes & Father's Day Gifts

Since I was mainly excited about decorating cupcakes this time, I just bought an easy chocolate cake mix. I had some fun picking out what type of candy to decorate with. I really wanted to do flower designs on the top of each cake. I decided to use fruity Tootsie Rolls for the pedals and Rips candy for the flower centers and stems. I also used yellow nerds as flower pollen and topped it all off with yellow and pink sprinkles.

There were a couple things I wasn't too pleased about. I had fun decorating the cakes, but sculpting the Tootsie Rolls into pedals took a lot longer than I planned. Also, the frosting recipe that I found online didn't set right, but after adding lemonade powder to the recipe it tasted great!

Cupcakes & Father's Day Gifts

Overall it wasn't a bad turnout for my first baking project!

On my trip to pick up my baking supplies, I got a few ideas for Father's Day gifts. I found some cheap mini lunch pails and picked out some cashews and spicy prtzels and beef jerky. When I got home I put the snacks in the buckets and wrapped them in plastic wrap. I tied it all up with a ribbon and was very pleased with the result!

Cupcakes & Father's Day Gifts

I think both Russ' Dad and mine enjoyed their gifts. I had a lot of fun putting them together and I think I may even start making crafty stuff like this for most the gifts I give out now, and I can't wait to bake again!

Article written by Shelly Allen.
Photos by Shelly Allen Photography

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