If You're Worried, You're Faith Is Pretty Weak


I like to know that the hard work I do is going to lead to something great in the end. It's hard to put a huge effort into a goal if you don't know if it's going to do lead to something great. I'm sure all of us have felt the frustration of spending hours, weeks, months, even years working our butts off with a particular goal in mind, just to find out that all our efforts have been in vain.

I believe that's why it's so hard to have faith in certain things. How can we accomplish anything if we don't believe the work will help us reach our goal? At some point in our lives we have to blindly believe in something, hoping that things will turn out the way we hope they will. It's true that hard work builds character and makes us better people, but it really sucks when it doesn't actually get us anywhere.

That's when worrying comes into play. We've all been through the drill many times. You put in the hard work, you believe it will get you to your ultimate goal, and then you never get there. So when you set out to attempt a new goal, your previous experience feeds you with doubts as to whether it's even worth the effort again. But you can't just quit, especially if you've dreamed about this goal all your life, so then you start to worry. You doubt yourself all the time. Can I actually do this? Is it even possible? How could I accomplish that? I never have before, so why would I be able to do it now?

What's odd is that I only recently made the connection between worry and faith. Worrying about something is the surest way to determine whether you have faith in yourself or not. Someone with perfect faith would not be constantly worrying about past failures and questioning their abilities. Someone with faith simply believes that they are capable of doing what they have set out to do and therefore focuses on what it takes to get there.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing anyone for worrying about stuff. I'm the type who worries about things more that a lot of people. What I'm pointing out is that when you trust that something will happen, you aren't going to be worried that it won't happen, you'll just believe and feel at peace inside because of your faith. It's extremely hard to find that trust within yourself when you've failed to succeed every time so far. It gets frustrating and instinctively you start to examine yourself and what your doing wrong or even what might be wrong with you. I question myself especially when others around me are succeeding with ease while I continue to struggle. Comparisons will always get you into trouble, but that's another subject.

When I realized how much I worry was directly tied to how much faith I have in myself, I decided I needed to STOP WORRYING. Granted I'm not there yet, I still worry all the time, but I fight the worry when it comes. I will never be able to reach my goals if I can't find the faith I once had in myself. I'm also learning now that it really doesn't matter if I can reach my goals. All that matters is that I always believe in myself and keep trying. If I never reach my goals, at least I'll know I didn't let worrying get the best of me or convince me to give up. Giving up is the only real way to fail since it would leave me always wondering if I could have accomplished my goal one day, had I not stopped trying.

I may fail a lot and look like a fool every time I attempt certain things, but I want to always have faith in myself. I still believe that a person can accomplish anything if they put their mind to it. Worrying about whether you can or not will only hold you back. It's better to blindly believe, even if you never get there.

Article written by Shelly Allen.
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