You Don't Need To Justify Playtime


I spend far too much of my time trying to justify why I'm going to do something. Before I buy a new pair of pants I have to determine the reason why I'm doing it. Do I need these pants, or am I just buying them because I like how they look? When I go to eat a candy bar I have to justify that now is an okay time to eat it because I haven't had one for a while. If I decide to just relax and watch a movie I have to justify that I really do need a break and I'm not just being lazy.

Can't I just do fun things for no reason at all? It's like I'm putting myself in check every time I'm doing something just because I want to. I've noticed myself justifying my actions constantly and I don't like the habit. The only actions I don't question are ones that involve hard work that will lead to an ultimate goal I've set for myself. For example I never question whether or not I should be taking photos because I want my photography business to grow. I never question why I'm practicing dance moves because I want to win a an Open Championship competition someday. It's like I've subconsciously decided that fun things are only allowed at certain times while work is always acceptable.

I suppose I've always been very motivated to accomplish my goals and it's caused me to worry that taking too much time to relax will keep me from success. That sort of thinking puts me in danger of becoming a workaholic. Something I never want to be. A decent amount of rest and playtime is so important everyday. Without proper rest I am unable to do my best when it's time to work again and more importantly, working towards a goal is more about the journey that the end result. If I don't have fun along the way, once I reach my goal I'll look back on my life and regret all the things I missed.

Life is best in moderation. A little work, a little fun. Work isn't everything, it's only half the journey. I don't need to justify why I'm taking a walk, or having a second helping of desert. Doing things just because you want to means your enjoying what this moment has to offer, not putting all your strength and energy towards a future that hasn't arrived yet. Fun doesn't need to be justified, it's essential for a happy life. Goals are important, but they shouldn't consume all your time, otherwise you'll look back on your life and realize you haven't lived at all.

Article written by Shelly Allen.
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