10 Little Things That Instantly Cheer Me Up


Everyone gets down sometimes. It doesn't matter what caused you to be mad, sad or just really annoyed, negative emotions are strong and sometimes hard to get over. There are times when it seems nothing can cheer me up. It's like I've decided that I'm going to be unhappy and no matter what people say, I plan to stay that way.

Those are the times that it's good to be prepared with a mental list of things that can quickly make you happy. True happiness is something we work our who lives to obtain, but at the same time everyone has at least two or three things that have the power to cheer them up at a moment's notice. Even if the happy moment doesn't last, it's enough to pull you out of a slump. I think everyone should be aware of a few things that can quickly cheer them up. After all, we all have bad days.

10 Little Things That Instantly Cheer Me Up (in no particular order)

1 ~ Kittens
Kittens are one of the cutest creatures on this Earth to me, if someone hands me a kitten I can't help but burst with happiness.

2 ~ Photoshop
If I'm having a bad day, 30 minutes of playing in Photoshop will turn it into a good day. I just love being creative.

3 ~ Homer Simpson
No matter how mad or upset I am, if I turn on The Simpsons and Homer bonks his head, or says something stupid I'm laughing hysterically.

4 ~ Carbonation
If it's got bubbles, it makes me happy. I'm a carbo-holic. If I'm grumpy and someone hands me a soda, it's hard not to smile and forget the whole thing.

5 ~ Irish Dancing
I think it could be the endorphins, but getting a great dance workout at the studio completely clears my head and makes the world right again. It's like magic.

6 ~ Taking a Bath
I love just soaking in a tub with bubbles for a long time. It has a very therapeutic effect.

7 ~ Singing with the Radio
I really love to sing. I may not be the best singer, but I enjoy it a lot. I can easily forget something that's bothering me when I'm singing with the radio in my car.

8 ~ Spicy Chicken Sandwiches
They're only a dollar at McDonalds, and for some reason they instantly make me happy. Even just thinking about having one cheers me up.

9 ~ Doing Cart-Wheels
I actually haven't done a cart-wheel in years, but when I was younger I loved to run outside and do cart-wheels in the front yard. If I were to do a cart-wheel outside right now, I'm sure it would make me just as happy as it ever did.

10 ~ Playing with Kids
I love goofing off with kids. I don't have kids of my own, so I can just enjoy being their friend without the burden of being an authoritative figure. Kids are goofy and giggly. I can't stay in a bad mood around giggling kids.

What's something that instantly cheers you up?

Article written by Shelly Allen.
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