How The Holy Ghost Speaks To Me


People often talk about hearing the voice of the Holy Ghost. It's said the still small voice can only be heard if you're paying close attention. Perhaps some people actually do physically hear a voice, but for me the experience is quite different.

It took me a long time to start recognizing how the Holy Ghost speaks to me. On very rare occasions I've heard a voice in my mind warn me of danger and because I chose to follow it, tragedies were averted. I truly believe that was the Holy Ghost speaking to me. Most of the time however, when the Holy Ghost speaks to me, I don't hear any words at all.

The feeling usually comes if I'm really focusing on finding a solution to a problem, after a lot of prayer, sometimes after I've recently attended the temple. Those are the times that, after struggling with a problem for days, out of nowhere I can get an overwhelming feeling of clarity. The answer is suddenly so obvious, even though for days or weeks I've been completely unsure of what to do. Suddenly I know which course to take and I feel relaxed and sure that my decision is right.

I'm always a little amazed when that feeling of clarity comes because I'm the time of person who will question things to death, weighing the options in my mind back and forth, endlessly seeing the good and bad sides of each choice. It's strengthens my testimony every time the right choice suddenly becomes clear. It's like out of nowhere, all other options seem obviously wrong when before they seemed perfectly okay. It almost feels like for an instant, my mind goes beyond it's normal capabilities and can easily grasp the answer, like all confusion is a thing of the distant past since the answer is right in front of me.

I know the Spirit speaks in different ways to everyone, but this is what it's like for me. I could claim it's just my own mind figuring out the answer, but that wouldn't explain the overwhelming sense of clarity and peace that comes with it. I know myself, and the only other time I get a feeling somewhat close to it is when someone I respect and trust tells me they support a difficult decision I've made.

Even though I'm completely alone in my room, when I feel that sense of clarity, it's like a close friend is there, letting me know what I've decided to do is right. It's an amazing feeling and I'm so thankful that I can feel the Holy Ghost so strong at those times. It's helped me through some of the most difficult years of my life.

I don't know if any one else ever gets this same feeling, but I truly believe it's the Holy Ghost speaking to me. How does the Holy Ghost speak to you?

Article written by Shelly Allen.
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