Follow Your Dreams. Not Just One... ALL Of Them


I spent a great amount of time trying to choose a career while I was growing up. I always knew I loved dance the most, but most dancers can't make a living from doing shows. I love designing websites, posters and altering photographs in Photoshop, but there was no way I could give up dance to sit at a computer all day.

Then there was singing. I've always loved to sing and have spent almost my whole life developing my voice. I'd love to find a band that needs a lead singer and perform in small concerts. I love to write, especially short articles and so I write for Diddtyi Irish Magazine and I blog regularly. I dream about publishing a book someday. As you already know, I'm also a photographer.

I have other passions I haven't yet delved into but have plans to do so. I enjoy fashion design and interior design and have always wanted to learn more. I have a great interest in psychology and emotional intelligence. At the same time, the past few years have sparked an interest in the culinary arts. I want to learn how to make great tasting food that also looks beautiful on a plate.

So how, I ask you, am I supposed to pick just one career? I think, all this time I've been asking myself the wrong question. I shouldn't even bother deciding which career should I pursue, instead I should be asking myself, why should I be forced to pick only one?

If I have a deep passion for many different career paths, picking only one would leave me feeling empty and unfulfilled in the end. I want to know how far I can go in many directions.

I find it odd that there is a popular belief that once you find the right career it helps you to define who you really are. If I were to choose only one career I would get bored very quickly. I would leave so many paths unexplored that I would feel like I'd never truly found myself.

A career doesn't define who I am. I can define myself far better by following my gut and dabbling in many pursuits. I can't allow myself to be defined by only one talent or area of study. If I want to do something, I do it. Deciding not to try something new because it doesn't follow a single career path I've committed to would be foolish.

I suppose the point I'm getting to is that I believe it's wrong to persuade someone to only follow one of their dreams. Why should we decide which dreams to leave behind when we could have them all?

There's so much to do in this life, don't waste one talent to pursue another. Doctors can also be cooks. Architects can also be drummers. Artists can also be scientists. If you don't try to be the best you can be in every direction, you'll never know just how much you can accomplish. Life is short, so don't waste your time deciding which dream you like the most, spend that time pursuing ALL your dreams.

Article written by Shelly Allen.
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