The Muppets: Proof That Wholesome Family Entertainment Is Still Popular


I grew up loving The Muppets. When I was a kid I assumed they were only interesting to kids. Then as the years went by and I became an adult, they were still really cool! At 29 years old I still laugh out loud watching Miss Piggy beat up a group of thugs.

I'm not the only one who loves them. Anytime I mention The Muppets to friends the reactions are always really positive. In fact I've never heard anyone; kid, adult or even 'cool' teenager say they dislike The Muppets. How is it they've managed to attract such large target audience?

These days entertainers go to such incredibly ridiculous lengths to impress a crowd. Actresses will lose far too much weight and wear as little clothing as possible. Comedians tell a few wholesome jokes then skip right to the filth without even trying to make an audience laugh without it. Movies are packed with expensive special effects to make every moment look as real as possible. Almost every single movie with a love story has some sort of indecent sex scene that makes parents and good LDS church members have to scramble for the 'skip track' button.

It's so fantastic to know that everyone is still completely entertained by cute fuzzy puppets dancing around, singing songs and telling goofy jokes. That says something really great about our generation. Modern entertainers are so focused on showing us attractive actresses, expensive special effects and don't forget lots and lots of sex, that they've forgotten we can also be entertained by wholesome, sweet, goofy things as well.

I have no personal objection to great special effects, but I'm sure The Muppet's new movie coming out this month costed ten times less to create that any other film released this year.

I'm so happy to know The Muppets are just as famous as they ever were and that wholesome family entertainment is still appealing to almost everyone. Hollywood is underestimating the integrity that still exists in so many people, young and old. Give us some credit! The Muppets are proof we don't need your cheap thrills to be entertained. Give us a frog sitting in a boat singing a song about rainbows and we're happy.

Make sure you don't miss their new movie coming out Thanksgiving Day! Watch the trailer here...

Article written by Shelly Allen.
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