Lazy Spammers: You CAN'T Be Serious


Perhaps I'm just asking for a massive army of professional spammers to attack me with the best they've got, but I just have to tell all you spammers out there that your attempts to fill my blog with irrelevant links is just plain sad. It's obvious you're not even trying when I go through and moderate new comments. Perhaps they are assuming that I don't send new comments through a moderation process. I suppose that's the only explanation for a comment that looks like this:

Even if a comment like this was successfully posted on my blog, who in their right mind would think it was actually written by a human? It's not even a real sentence! How hard is it to write a sentence that makes a little sense? This is just pure laziness. If you're going to spam up a blog, at least do it right. There are times that I get comments that look like this:

At least they used complete sentences, but it's still a pathetic, lazy attempt. It's clear to me they did NOT read my post. Nothing in that comment has anything to do with the post it was attached to, let alone any of the posts in Thinkbits blog. It's clear that this spam is automated; sent out to thousands of blogs without a single intelligent human being paying attention to it. I can understand why it's automated. Who wants to make a hundred irrelevant comments on a hundred blogs or more per day? But what I can't understand is how you can possibly think automated comments like this will actually end up posted on my blog:

If you're life goal is to spam up blogs like mine, at least take a little pride in what you do and try something that's going to actually fool me into approving your comment. I'm not an idiot, so you're going to have to do a little better.

Article written by Shelly Allen.
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