10 Ways To Have Fun At Christmas If You're Single


We all know Christmas is a time to share with your family and loved ones. Growing up I had a somewhat large immediate as well as extended family so Christmas was especially magical every year. I'd look forward to it for months and once it came I never felt disappointed. Now that I'm older the traditions have changed since all my brothers and sister are married with families of their own. It's taken me a couple years to adjust to the change. I'll admit I was a little angry for a couple years when Christmas time arrived since I couldn't spend half as much time with my family as I used to during the holidays. They all had new families and new traditions so obviously I was feeling very left out and jealous that I didn't have a new family of my own to share Christmas with. So if you're single and dreading the Christmas holidays, believe me, I know exactly what you're going through. I've been there.

Now that I've gotten used to the change however, I know for a fact that Christmas can be just as fun for someone who is single. I hear many people talk about how depressing Christmas can be when you don't have a family of your own. I understand how they feel, but I also know that they just aren't giving it a real chance. There are actually a lot of Christmas traditions that single people can do much more easily that those who have a family and many of the traditions that you shared with your family growing up can be just as fun to do on your own.

So I've created a list for those of you who are single like me who don't want to spend their Christmas holidays lonely and depressed. If you're willing to make some changes and start some new traditions of your own, you might actually enjoy Christmas more than ever before. I can honestly say that this year is shaping up to be one of the best Christmas' I've ever had and I'm still single as ever.

10 Ways To Have Fun At Christmas If You're Single

1: Miss Christmas Shopping? Shop For The Angel Tree!
If you're like me, Christmas shopping is a really fun tradition. However, most families tend to eliminate the necessity to buy presents for their siblings once they have a family of their own. If your the last one in your family who's single, suddenly you don't have anyone to buy a present for! Fear not! There are many families out there who don't have enough money to give their kids what they want for Christmas. That's when they sign up for a charity like The Angel Tree. If your looking for someone who wants a present from you, just go to The Angel Tree Website and sign up to provide gifts for a child who will really appreciate them.

2: Don't Get Lazy! Put Up A Christmas Tree!
It may seem like a burden, especially if it's your first Christmas on your own, but don't get lazy! You deserve a cheery Christmas just as much as anyone else. Many people say they only decorate a Christmas tree because their family enjoys it, but it's for you as well! Having a tree and lights up in your house or even just your bedroom creates a wonderful feeling of Christmas through the whole season.

3: Kick Off The Holiday Season At Disneyland!
This may sound like an odd idea, but Disneyland does Christmas in a big way, and a single person can afford to go more easily than an entire family. It's a fantastic way to kick off the holiday season! I suggest going a week before Thanksgiving since the lines are ten times shorter than the rest of the year. I went all by myself this year the weekend before Thanksgiving and I'm telling you, it was magical! The whole place is a sparkling Christmas village with glowing lights, music and spectacular holiday treats for sale everywhere! Plus, you get a chance to ride more roller-coasters than ever before since one person can navigate a giant theme park twice as easy as someone with a huge family slowing them down.

4: Listen To Christmas Music
If your driving, sitting in your cubicle at work, or just playing on Facebook, listen to your favorite Christmas music all December long! Music has an amazing ability to bring wonderful childhood memories back to life.

5: No Extended Family? Invite Yourself To A Friend's Christmas Party!
If you have no one to spend Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with, ask a friend if you can celebrate with their family. It may feel like your imposing at first, but you have every right to enjoy your Christmas holiday just as much as they do! Besides, playing host on Christmas Day is something a lot of Moms really look forward to. Finding out there will be another guest coming over to enjoy their party will probably get them really excited.

6: Hot Chocolate, Present Wrapping & Christmas Movie Marathon
This is a tradition I started for myself a few years ago and I really love it, most especially on a cold winter night when the roads are too icey to go anywhere. I'll turn on my favorite Christmas movies and wrap presents. Then I'll cuddle up in warm blankets and treat myself to some hot chocolate. Makes for a really fun night. I've made it a regular tradition.

7: Donate To Your Favorite Charity
I'm sure you've heard this before, but giving to a charity is something a single person can do much more easily than someone who has kids to provide for. Also, it's very effective in helping you experience the true spirit of giving at Christmas. Nothing cheers you up like helping someone in need. If you don't have a favorite charity of your own, go ahead and donate to my favorite! The Somaly Mam Foundation helps rescue and provide for children who are victims of human trafficking. Click here to donate!

8: Make Your Favorite Christmas Candy
I don't know about you, but every Christmas my family would spend at least one night making a variety of Christmas treats. Sometimes we'd give them to the neighbors and other times we'd just eat them ourselves. This is something you can still do by yourself! You don't need to make a variety of treats, just make a small batch of your favorite Christmas candy. Or if you really love to bake, make a lot and take them to your neighbors!

9: Go See A Christmas Lighting Display
My family used to go see the lights on Temple Square almost every year when I was a kid. Trust me, this is just as fun to do all by yourself. Don't forget to treat yourself to hot chocolate when you get home!

10: Accept All Unexpected Holiday Invitations From Friends
If someone invites you to a party, to go caroling, or make Christmas cookies with them, even if you don't feel like going at first, JUST DO IT! Participating in Christmas traditions, even if they're not your own is a blast! Obviously someone enjoys your company enough to invite you, so don't miss out on some great holiday fun!

I hope these ideas help you to recognize that being on your own doesn't mean you can't truly enjoy the Christmas season. Have a Merry Christmas flying solo! I know I will!

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Article written by Shelly Allen

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