Video: Perfect Irish Dance Leaps, High Clicks and More


For those who don't watch Irish dancing too often or are just beginning their instruction it's hard to tell what the great moves have the potential to look like. These videos will give you some entertaining examples of Irish dance at it's best. I had some fun looking for some perfect examples of Irish dance leaps, high clicks and other popular moves executed perfectly. So enjoy!

Perfect Irish Dance Leap
This girl makes leaps a work of art. Look at how she floats. Beautiful!

Perfect Irish Dance High Click
This dancer has a very bold and precise high click. Just how it should look.

Perfect Irish Dance Butterfly
Just after the first toe this girl does a beautiful hard shoe butterfly.

Perfect Irish Scissor Jump
The dancer in the gold and black does flawless scissor jump at the start of her 3rd step.

Article written by Shelly Allen

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