'Soundsations' An Evening Of Percussive Dance

Article featured in Diddlyi Magazine.

I had a wonderful weekend dancing in a show with The Shelley Irish Dance Company. We were asked to perform with a few different tap, clog and flamenco dance groups in a percussive dance concert called Soundsations. We enjoyed performing with the same groups last year and knew it would be a lot of fun to put on a show with them again.

We were asked to do four hard shoe numbers for a matinee and evening show. We performed a Hornpipe group dance, Cry of the Celts (a treble reel group dance with a Riverdance feel), 3 Set Dance solos, and an acapella hard shoe dance. Amelia Walker, Sierra Wagstaff and I were privileged to perform our Set Dances under single spotlights. It was a thrill to do a solo for a large crowd!

One of the most fun numbers we did, however was the Gangsta Acapella as we called it. Instead of wearing our wigs and solo dresses, we all dressed up in baggy street or gangsta clothes. It was so fun to play a part and dance on stage in baggy, informal clothing. There was no music, just our hard shoes. It was great!

In between the two shows we had four hours to kill so we spent the time getting lunch and taking nearly 500 photos of us in our gangsta attire, leaping in the air, and just goofing off in general.

It was such a great show! I love performing with The Shelley Irish Dance Company so much, not to mention just hanging out with a wonderful group of girls!

Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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