The Shelley Irish Dance Company


I just got back from doing such a fun show tonight. Our Irish dance company was featured at 'An Evening of Percussive Dance'. It was a large show featuring cloggers, tappers, and Irish dancers (us). We were asked to perform 3 numbers so we did a hornpipe group dance, Champ set solos and then a tip reel to 'Cry of the Celts' for the finale of the whole show.

It was so much fun, I've been on such a high since we finished. We did our best performance of it yet I think. Our company used to consist of the Shelley school and Crawford school. At that time the company was called 'Rhythm of Ireland Dance Company'. Now it's only Shelley dancers, but we have a large number of advanced dancers so the group is still a good amount of Prizewinner/Championship dancers.

We definitely are the only group of our kind in Utah, so we have a lot of shows coming up now through May. I'm excited to do the next. Our biggest show will be on May 2nd in Roosevelt, UT when we do all our dances in a full Shelley Irish Dance Company Show! If your in Utah at the time, come and see us!

I've designed a new website for the company as part of the Shelley School site. Check it out for photos, video and news about our upcoming shows. Go to SIDC website.

I also got to wear my brand new Irish dance solo dress for the first time tonight! I ordered it as a pre-cut dress from Paul Keith ( ). I love it. It's lighter than my last dress and I got a lot of compliments.

Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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