Treble & Slip Jig or Hornpipe & Reel?

Article featured in Diddlyi Magazine.

I was so thrilled to learn that my age group at the 2010 Western Region Oireachtas is required to dance Treble Jig and Slip Jig. For a few years now I’ve preferred to dance Treble Jig and Slip Jig over Reel and Hornpipe.

Perhaps it’s all psychological, but I feel like I perform these dances better. I place more often when performing the Jigs, and they just seem shorter and therefore less tiring. Because of this I feel more enthusiastic when I’m competing these dances and therefore give a better presentation.

I’ve heard many dancers say the exact same thing about Reel and Hornpipe, so I have a feeling it’s all in my head. Even if it is, it’s what’s in my head that counts the most. Since dancing is 90% mental and 10% physical, I have every reason to believe I in fact will do far better with Treble and Slip Jig when competing at this year’s Oireachtas.

It’s entirely possible I can do just as well with Reel and Hornpipe, but since my mind truly believes I’m better at Slip Jig and Treble Jig, I probably am.

Which dances do you prefer to compete?

Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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