Irish Dance Wigs. Why?


We all have hair. Why oh why must we wear a curly boomfy crazy clown wig every time we Irish dance in front of anyone? I'm sure many people have watched Irish dancers and wondered about this exact same thing. So have I. I pushed it to the last minute possible before I got one. Not until I reached Preliminary Championship did I get a wig of my own.

I have thin long straight hair, so when I put the silly thing on, it looks... wrong. Then I start dancing. Boooo-ing, boing, boing! Oh dear.

Every wig designer within the reach of this blog, PLEASE, I'm not saying that we need to eliminate wigs. I wouldn't mind wearing one at all if the style was more natural. Create long styles and short styles, with less curl and more of a slight wave. I would be first in line to buy one.

I have actually with a leap of joy seen a spare few dancers at various feiseanna this past year wearing a style of wig close to this. More shoulder length and a LOT less clown curl. EVERYONE go buy one so that the style changes! Push the trend girls! Unless you like looking like a clown every time you get on stage.

That's my wigginz for the day. Or shall I say anti-wigginz... ;)

Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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