2010 World's Irish Dance Parade of Champions

Article featured in Diddlyi Magazine.

I love to Irish dance, but almost as much as I love to do it myself, I really enjoy watching other Irish dancers. Especially dancers who have won huge regional and even world competitions. I thought I’d share with you some video footage of The Parade of Champions. These videos show each of the winners from the junior and senior competitions at Worlds 2010.

It is incredibly motivating to watch dancers who are more advanced then myself because the steps they do are steps any Championship dancer can do. What gave these dancers the edge is how they execute their steps. If you don’t believe me, just watch yourself! I’m sure you’ll see that these dancers aren’t doing many moves that you can’t do. But just look at how they fly when they do a simple leap!

Junior Parade of Champions

Senior Parade of Champions

What do you think? Think you can fly like that?

Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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