Feile Denver 2010

Article featured in Diddlyi Magazine.

I had such a fantastic time over the weekend! I went on a road trip with Tiernan Brown, Amelia and Tricia Walker to Feile Denver. It was an eight hour drive from Provo, Utah to Castle Rock, Colorado, but the ride went by fast. We spent the time watching movies, taking photos and snacking on the way.

The weather in Denver was much more appealing than last year. Last year the Feis was delayed three hours because of an unexpected blizzard. This year there was a bit of rain, but nothing to complain about. First, we watched Amelia compete and win 3rd place in Preliminary Championship. She danced beautifully and during the competition I got a chance to take hundreds of photos of dancers leaping, twirling and flying.

Next we watched Tiernan compete in Beginner and Novice. She danced very graceful and precise. She’s so much fun to watch. Finally, at the end of the day I competed in 18 and over Open Championship. There was a total of 14 dancers in my competition, including some powerful Champ dancers from Celtic Steps, a prestigious school based in Colorado.

I didn’t feel as warmed up as I would have liked in my Treble Jig, but felt good about how I performed my Slip Jig and Set Dance. In the end I didn’t place overall, but was very excited to see I’d ranked 2nd place in my set dance! Probably the best dancing I’ve ever done in Open Championship.

After the feis we got some delicious Chinese food and spend about an hour soaking in a hot tub at the hotel. It was a wonderful trip and I think all of us did very well. Overall a really great Feis trip. I can’t wait till Feile Denver 2011!

Feile Denver - Irish Dance, photos by Shelly Hathaway

Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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