June Intensive Irish Dance Summer Camp

Article featured in Diddlyi Magazine.

Every year the Shelley School holds a June Intensive Summer Camp. June is the last month before the Utah Feis and summer break so Tina Shelley sets up a more intensive class schedule for every level. Normally Championship classes are held two times a week, but in June the schedule changes. This year we’ll be having class three times a week, plus a two hour open practice session every Wednesday.

The June Intensive Summer Camp not only provides extra practice time and more intense drills to prepare us for the upcoming competition, it also gives the students a chance to have some extra fun.

During the month, every day has a different theme. Today was is Pajama Day. All students came to dance dressed in their pajamas! Other upcoming themes include Crazy Hair Day, Irish Olympics Day, and even a Water Day where the instructors arm themselves with water guns and soak any dancers who don’t kick their butt!

Most importantly we are able to get extra personal help on the dances we will be competing and learn new drills that will strengthen our overall performance. I really enjoy the summer camp every year and know it will help me compete my very best at the 2010 Utah Feis.

What kinds of things does your school do to prepare for a Feis?

Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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