Competing In Trophy Specials At A Feis

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The Shelley School is getting ready for The Utah Feis this weekend. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, we have been working hard on improving stamina and perfecting our solo dances. The number one thing on any dancer’s mind at a feis is doing their best in their solo competition. It’s what we train all year for and the only way any dancer can advance to the next level.

When attending any Feis, however, there are many competitions that are simply there for the joy of competing and putting on a good show. Aside from their solo competition, any dancer can participate in figure dancing, music competitions, and trophy specials. Recently I’ve started becoming more involved in Trophy Specials, especially the ones that involve dressing up in themed costumes while dancing a 2-hand figure.

Amelia Walker and I competed in a 2-hand Valentine Special at The Wasatch Winter Feis last January. We dressed in fuzzy Valentine shorts, wore silly headbands with hearts, and even dyed our poodle socks pink! We won 2nd place and had so much fun doing it.

This weekend we will be competing in The Firecracker Special. Dancers are encouraged to dress in 4th of July themed costumes. We went shopping last week and came up with some great costumes to wear while competing the 2-hand dance together again.

I’m very excited for the Feis and can’t wait to dress up in our costumes! What Trophy Specials do you like compete in when you attend a Feis?

Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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