A New Trend In Irish Dance: Colored Ghillies


Colored Irish Dance Ghillies

I absolutely adore bright flashy colors, most especially when they're found in unexpected places. We're used to seeing bright, florescent colors in Irish dance solo dresses, but now they can been found somewhere else. A few brave Irish dancers are starting to wear colored Irish dance ghillies when they compete!

I've questioned some of the wacky trends we've recently seen in Irish solo dresses lately, but I am behind these ruby red, turquise and even stunning yellow ghillies one hundred percent! With how strict the judges at a feis have proven to be when it comes to attire, I wondered at first if colored ghillies would ever show their shining face at a feis.

I applaud the brave girls who have shown up to local feiseanna, Nationals and even Worlds wearing such a bold new style! The trend is still new, so what better way to stand out in a crowd than having bright red shoes while everyone else is wearing black?

Only time will tell if colored ghillies will last, but I think it would be absolutely fantastic to see a rainbow display of feet at every feis. Colored ghillies are just so much fun that I can't resist buying myself a pair. Since I have two dresses that I regularly wear now, I may even buy a pair to match each dress.

So where can you find colored ghillies?
Here are a few different online stores where you can get your own pair:

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Article written by Shelly Allen
Photos by Celtic Choice, Haggerty, DancingDresses Ireland & Ringe go Bragh.

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