Marie's Wedding

Article featured in Diddlyi Magazine.

About a week ago, Tina Shelley asked a small group of us to dance a Treble Reel for a wedding reception. I’ve been on summer vacation for almost two months, so I was real excited to do a show again. Last Thursday we stayed after class and learned choreography to fit a song the bride and groom requested. The song is called Marie’s Wedding, very fitting since the bride’s name is in fact Marie.

We were able to put the dance together in less than a week and performed it last night in a room packed with wedding guests. When it came time to perform however, the music was incredibly quiet and the person in charge of starting it didn’t start it at exactly the beginning.

By the time we’d danced 16 counts, we all became aware we were behind the music in the steps. Normally this wouldn’t matter, but for this particular dance, our choreography ended exactly with the end of the song. So we all looked at each other and made a quick decision to jump ahead to the steps that coincided with the music.

I think our transition was smooth enough to not be noticed by the untrained eye. Aside from the difficulty in hearing the song, I think the show went very well. We could tell the crowd enjoyed it a lot.

Listen to Marie’s Wedding by The High Kings

Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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