The Crossroads Feis

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The Crossroads Feis was a lot of fun. I love Feiseanna held in your hometown because your whole school attends. When traveling, you’re usually the only one from your school, so this was really enjoyable. The Shelley school dancers took home a lot of Championship trophies.

I was so excited because I was able to relax and watch my friends compete in Preliminary Championship. Normally I have to compete against them and don’t get a good opportunity to watch them. This time I did and it was great.

When it came my time to compete I learned there were only four girls in the 18 and over Open Champs competition. I was mainly nervous because, as I said in my previous posts, I was competing all new dances. New dances I’ve only been focusing on for about a month. So I was very determined to get from start to finish without an embarressing mess-up.

It was also a little more stressful than usual since my parents and sister-in-law came to watch me. Not to mention all the other Shelley dancers who had time to watch in between competing themselves. It’s a bit easier when you mess up really bad and the audience is only people you’ll probably never see again.

I was very proud of myself. I danced every dance all the way through. I did kick the wrong leg at one point in my Reel and it threw my rehearsed choreography for about five seconds, but I caught up and finished right. Overall it was excellent practice for the Oireachtas next month.

In the end I did place last, but you must take into account I’ve only been in Open Championship for a month and I wasn’t going for a win this time. This Feis helped me to feel much more confident about my Reel and Hornpipe, which was the purpose of competing. I feel much more confident that I will execute them well next month. I wasn’t entirely sure how ready they were until I performed them before a judge.

The funny part about this is I recieved a really small, bite-size trophy for winning fourth place. I think its hillarious that my first trophy in Open Championship is smaller than any other trophy I’ve won at a Feis before.

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