If You're Determined to Be a Better Irish Dancer, You Will Be

Article featured in Diddlyi Magazine.

The one thing I’ve noticed that will reveal if a dancer will succeed in reaching their potential is how determined they are to get there. I sometimes help teach Beginner and Novice classes at The Shelley School of Irish Dance and have been amazed to see how goal oriented a young dancer can be, and in retrospect how lazy and uninterested they can be in reaching the goals set before them.

Those who are determined to perfect the new steps they are learning are the ones who advance quicker and have more fun. They are the ones who will be competing in Championships in no time. It has nothing to do with their natural ability. It is true that dancers who have the natural ability to kick higher or pick up new steps faster are more likely to get excited about Irish Dance, but if a dancer who isn’t as naturally able is determined, they can reach their goals as well as any natural.

I bring this up since I have been thinking about it a lot recently. Dance really is mind over muscle. I’m not saying it isn’t harder for some than others, what I’m saying is that if you put your whole heart into dancing and improving, you will become the dancer you want to be. It is inevitable, if you refuse to quit. If you never quit you will always be improving and becoming better than you were yesterday.

Maybe I’m getting a little deep for a Wednesday, but there are some dancers at The Shelley School who inspire me so much. I just look at their determined faces as they attempt to perform their Novice Reel to perfection. I remember dancing my Novice steps the same way. I had to do it my best every time or I just wasn’t pleased with myself. I was only holding myself back from getting to Championships if I didn’t give everything I had every time. It’s so exciting for me to watch other dancers have the same determination. Those are the dancers that will be competing against me in Open Championships very soon.

I am competing at my first Oireachtas in two weeks. I learned yesterday that I am competing against 40 other dancers, all dancers who have the same determination to improve and compete with perfection. I feel so privileged to compete against such wonderful goal oriented dancers who were just as determined to get to Open Championships as I was. This will be the most difficult competition I’ve ever gone up against. It is the dancers that work hard and never settle for less than their best that set the bar high.

If I find out I’m not good enough to compete against these amazing dancers, I’ll be spending another year pushing myself as much as possible so next year I can be ready. That’s the beauty of staying determined and working towards your goals, you’re always guaranteed do better the next time around.

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