My Oireachtas Checklist

Article featured in Diddlyi Magazine.

Less than two weeks till the Western Region Oireachtas. Time to check off what I need to get done before I go…

1. Memorize Steps
I’m still stopping in the middle of my dances now and then because I forget which step comes next. I need to make sure I have my Reel, Hornpipe and The Rambling Rake memorized before I go.

2. Improve Stamina
I’ve been getting tired and drooping my shoulders a bit when I get to the third step of my Hornpipe. I’ll need make sure this doesn’t happen at the competition.

3. Enjoy My Steps
I’ve found I dance ten times better when I’m having fun with the steps I do. Since I usually love Slip Jig and Treble Jig better, this is a bit of a challenge this time. I need to love what I’m dancing and it will show.

4. Book Car Rental/Hotel
This I already did a few months ago. I was able to book 2 nights at the Crown Plaza hotel through Yahoo Travel. I also made sure I requested a GPS tracking system in the car rental since I’ll be driving through Downtown Denver… eep!

5. Have Fun
Sometimes the stress of competing can kill all the fun of a weekend trip. I need to just take a deep breath and enjoy the fun of traveling and competing in my first Oireachtas.

I’ll be working on this checklist till it’s time to go. Wish me luck!

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