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Utah State Feis 2011

Do you have an Irish dancer on your Christmas shopping list? It can be really hard to shop for an Irish dancer since you can't find poodle socks or curly wigs at your local mall. Even if you do live in a central location for Irish dance like Dublin or New York it's still difficult to know what makes a great Irish dance gift and where to look for it. Whenever I need supplies for dance, like any other Irish dancer I have to shop online. So if you have an Irish dancer on your list, instead of driving to the local mall, I suggest flipping open your laptop.

So now that you know where to shop, the big question is: just what kind of things are on an Irish dancer's wish list? Thinking of affordable ideas can be tricky if you're not an Irish dancer yourself. I've been dancing for over 8 years so I can tell you right now it's a very expensive hobby. Solo dresses range from $300 to $3000 USD, wigs cost around $100 USD and dance shoes cost anywhere from $60 to $200 USD.

A generous shopper looking to spend a lot of money on a gift probably won't have a hard time, but for those of you who are looking for affordable gifts that any Irish dancer will love, here are a few suggestions...

Great Gift Ideas For An Irish Dancer

  • Shoe Buckles ($15.00 USD ~ Find it online at Triskelt) Glitter square or celtic knot shoe buckles are coming back in style. Irish dancers attach them to their hard shoes to add a little extra sparkle to their costume.

  • Glitter ($8.75 USD ~ Find it online at BA*STAR) Glitter is becoming a very popular thing to wear for big competitions like the Oireachtas or Nationals.

  • Poodle Socks ($7.50 USD ~ Find it online at Irish Treasures) Chances are the 10 pair they own are getting a little dingy. Every dancer wants a shining white pair for the next feis.

  • Irish Dancing Music ($18.59 USD ~ Find it online at Dean Crouch) In my experience, one of the first gift ideas that most people think of for an Irish dancer is music. I have to tell you right now, if you don't know anything about Irish dance rhythms, you are most likely going to a buy a CD that will never get used. Irish dance music has very specific rhythms and they have to be recorded at specific speeds. Buying a CD that says Irish Dance Music on the cover from BestBuy is most likely NOT going to have anything a competitive Irish dancer can actually use. There are, however artists who produce music specifically for Irish dancers. Dean Crouch and Kin'sha produce CDs that any Irish dancer can dance to, but keep in mind, these artists are very popular among Irish dancers. Make sure the person you're buying it for doesn't already own it.

  • Dance Sneakers ($60.00 USD ~ Find it online at Rutherford Shoes ) Rutherford Shoes has created special sneakers that have a squared off toe for toe stands. They also have new rainbow colored shock absorbent sneakers available!

  • Therabands ($7.91 USD ~ Find it online at Amazon) Therabands are wonderful for stretching out an Irish dancer's ankles and toes. We use them in class all the time.

  • Sock Glue ($10.00 USD ~ Find it online at Rutherford Shoes) Ever wonder how our socks stay up? Every Irish dancer wants more sock glue.

  • Black Duct Tape ($5.49 USD ~ Find it online at Amazon) When a surface is too slippery to dance on, Irish dancers put black duct tape on the soles of their ghillies and hard shoes to add friction. Some dancers are also fans of colored duct tape.

  • Leg Warmers ($8.95 USD ~ Find it online at Dance Wear Solutions) Don't laugh! Irish dancers LOVE leg warmers. They are also wonderful for practicing in the winter since shorts are usually required for class.

  • Flower Hair Clips ($9.00 USD ~ Find it online at My Diva's Closet) It's becoming very popular for Irish dancers to wear a flower in their hair at competitions. If you can find one that matches your Irish dancer's solo dress, this is a fantastic gift idea.

  • Good Luck Charms ($11.95 USD ~ Find it online at Four Leaf Clover) A big competition can make any Irish dancer really nervous. You can buy your dancer a necklace with a real four leaf clover inside for good luck to help calm their nerves at the next Feis.

  • Senegence Lipstick ($22.00 USD ~ Call Kristina at 801-473-5865) Lipstick that will NOT rub off! It stays on all day. Great for a long day at a Feis, especially for young dancers who aren't used to wearing makeup.

  • Hard Shoe Laces ($1.00 USD ~ Find it online at Rutherford Shoes) A great stocking stuffer! An extra pair of hard shoe laces is always a smart idea.

  • Shoe Polish ($2.99 USD ~ Find it online at Amazon) Sounds like a strange idea, especially for a girl, but hard shoes always need to be polished before a competition.

  • Jean Butler Masterclass DVD ($14.99 USD ~ Find it online at Amazon) Great for a beginner or advanced dancer. On this DVD, Jean Butler, star of Riverdance, reveals techniques and drills that helped her become an amazing Irish dancer.

  • Bobby Pins ($1.29 USD ~ Find it online at Walgreens) Those wigs don't stay on all by themselves. Bobby pins keep wigs from flying off on stage. Ponytail holders are also a good idea, great for practice.

  • Feis America Magazine ($39.95 USD ~ Find it online at Feis America) Buying a subscription to Feis America Magazine is a great gift idea. It's one of the only magazines out there completely devoted to Irish dance.

  • Duffel Bag ($45.00 USD ~ Find it online at Nike) Every Irish dancer needs a medium to large size duffel bag to take their shoes and other dance gear to and from practice.

  • Hard Shoe Elastics ($4.00 USD ~ Find it online at Irish Treasures) Sometimes hard shoes like to slip of your feet. A lot of dancers depend on these to keep their shoes on tight while dancing.

  • Irish Dance Barbie Doll ($50.00 USD ~ Find it online at Ebay) She used to be a lot cheaper, but Mattel has created an Irish dance Barbie doll. Fantastic gift! I own one myself. The cheapest place to buy her would be on Ebay, but she is also available at Amazon.

  • Medal Display Case ($48.95 USD ~ Find it online at Amazon) Even if they're just a beginner, Irish dancers can collect medals from Feiseanna really fast. A fancy case to display the awards they've won makes a great gift.

I hope these suggestions help you find the perfect gift for the Irish dancer on your Christmas list. Whether you're looking to spend a lot or just need some last minute stocking stuffers, this list should definitely give you some ideas to get you started. Have fun shopping!

Can you think of another great gift for an Irish dancer?

Article written by Shelly Allen
Header photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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