Video: Irish Dance Flash Mob In Sydney, Australia


It's the latest thing, and just so COOL. A flash mob is a large group of people who plan to dance, sing, or perform something simultaneously at the specific time in a very public place. They take place in malls, train stations, in the middle of the street, grocery stores. The trick is to never ask permission, start small adding more and more people till the swarm is impossible to ignore, then quickly vacate the premises before anyone can react to the sudden unexpected performance. The most popular type of flash mob consists of dancers who have learned choreography either as an organized group or from a semi-undisclosed internet source. Most of the time the flash mob is secretly recorded then posted on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

An Irish dance flash mob is a rare treat! Check out this fantastic Irish dancing flash mob that took place at a central station in Sydney, Australia last March in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. The mob included over 100 Irish dancers, some of which were members of Riverdance.

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Article written by Shelly Allen.

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