Hullachan Pros: The BEST Soft Shoes


I bought my first pair of Hullachan Pro Soft Shoes at a feis a couple years ago and couldn't believe the difference. They hug your foot perfectly and have just the right amount of cushion beneath the heal and toe. Not only that, they have a more graceful look to them. The front of the shoe widens with your toes and curves nicely under instead of coming to a hard edge under the foot. They also have better friction than a cheaper shoe so you have more confidence to jump and leap higher.

The one thing to keep in mind with Hullachans is the size of the shoe stretches over time. I bought that pair thinking they were too small and in the end they were too roomy. Get a size and a half too small (for a soft shoe). I wear womens size ten in regular shoes so usually I would buy a 7 1/2 irish soft shoe. But with Hullagans the best size for me would be a 6!

If you've been sticking with cheaper shoes to save money, you're missing out. In my opinion these shoes have helped improve my performance and they show the point of my toes much better than a shoe with a hard leather bottom. Unless your a beginner, avoid those entirely. You're number one feedback from Feis Judges will be "Point your toes!" This won't be a problem with Hullagans. They fit snug and point with your foot.

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Article written by Shelly Allen
Photo by Shelly Allen Photography

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