Great at what it does. As most of the users use this feature to avoid Quality assurance department. I have had to search the internet to find the information I required and this was from fellow users who been kind enough to share their knowledge and expertise. I’ve noticed they are too innovative. Support from the manufacturer is simply outstanding as there knowledge base and support team go the extra mile to help you. The top pro is its rock solid reliability. I can see the number as it comes in but if I need to call that person back sometimes their number doesn’t remain in the log, I do not know why.

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Helps sell the product. The call channel restriction is a pain. The top pro is its rock solid reliability. With the inbuilt webmeeting we can face-to-face with our workers and vessel owners any time. I love that i canbe reached without givong out my personal number. This way i know when work calls are coming through and personal calls.

After a series of non-starter with other brand name phone systems we stumbled across 3CX. We were initially turned off that it was Windows based however this has turned out to be a HUGE benefit. Not only can we use are existing utilities and subscriptions to do backups, screen sharing, maintenance, etc, but our employees were immediately comfortable making changes and other maintenance.

The licensing model is unique from any other phone system we’ve used. While the pricing is very good, its particularly good for larger offices or public spaces where extra phones are required in places they will receive little use.

Other systems require you to pay full license cost for these low use phones but with 3CX, there is no extra cost. I’ve noticed they are too innovative. Where most other phone system are quite stagnate and only release bug fixes, 3CX regularily release new features and is constantly improving capabilities.

We have been seeing at least 2 service packs a year, each which represents leaps forward in features and capabilities. They can be ignored, though we’ve invested into learning and building on them. The ability to easily setup phones and manage the PBX, things like doing a scheduled backups, can easily restore a backup if needed, ability to manage calls, extensions, users, etc.

The product is quite intuitive as well. They have put a lot of thought into the functionality and features which means we can now manage the PBX and any changes needed as to having to call the support vendor so they can remote in and do the changes.

I also like how they have a lot of online training videos and documentation to help lay the foundation regarding what it will take to setup and install a 3CX PBX. Yet 3CX doesn’t do this, product includes web phone manager interface if you wish to use it, includes a softphone, includes faxing, includes webconferencing, includes voicemail which used to require a totally separate server from your PBX because the big name vendors want you to spend more.

So far not too many cons, still new to it and doing testing so there could be some limitations that are discovered later on.

A really small con, some of the free training videos could be improved, audio quality, but otherwise nothing currently stands out. This system is pretty reliable from my end user perspective. The voice mails come to my inbox quickly which is nice. I would recommend this to anyone with a business of the size where I work, we have around 80 employees.

I receive calls that are transferred to me and I rarely get any complaints that the call didn’t make it to me or was dropped in the process.


It is also easy to transfer calls to other people or call out by just typing the first couple of letters in the person’s name. I can choose their extension or their cell phone if they are listed in our directory. I have to restart the software from time to time because it will stop working. I also have some issues with the log of incoming and outgoing calls.

I would like softphonee be able to call someone right back if they just called and I don’t have their phone number.

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Some calls are remembered and some are not, it sogtphone random. I can see the number as it comes in but if I sftphone to call that person back sometimes their number doesn’t remain in the log, I do not know why.

The fact that you have soffphone or « Professional » as your purchasing options makes the decision simple. And, when you choose one softphoone the other, there are no other « Ala Carte » options. You get what you get. No « extras » that end up being tacked on at the end of the sales cycle. The 3CX Phone System system simply works. Buy what you need for the next few years. You do not want to limit yourself to what you need today, then need to upgrade softphnoe license count within a year softohone two.

The upgrade path would suggest purchasing the upgrade up front will cost much less. Would be great to see the ability to break office hours down beyond single days. For example, we have clients that have standing meetings on Monday from The collaboration features are amazing. My latest installation is 3CX Version The installation was simple and smooth, activation and provisioning was straightforward, no hitches.

The whole system is running and performing as you would expect stable and reliable. I have had to search the internet to find the information I required and this was from fellow users who been kind enough to share their knowledge and expertise. First off, this software successfully allows for administrators to set up multiple incoming SIP trunks from one provider. Predecessors such as Trixbox and Asterix had trouble implementing this feature without extensive customization.

If you are looking for multiple trunks, this is the software for you.

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The beauty is in the execution, though, as it takes almost no time to set up a system using this software. Base licensing does not include some of the more advanced features that would set this apart from other software options. The need to pay for more trunks feels like a natural pay-gate, especially considering how much this feature is requested in DIY PBX communities. The top pro is its rock solid reliability. VoIP is rather mature sofphone this point but its not without its problems – particularly network based problems.

Support can softhone very expensive if not purchased through the proper channel partner. Company refuses to heed directional input and new « ideas », they have their path defined.


You wont find anything better than 3CX – trust me we have spent a lot of resources trying. Cost efficiency on international and local calls. Its communication medium the internet makes it easy for people to communicate despite geographical obstacles and the best thing is it doesn’t charge for call roaming costs all you need is access to the internet and the software.

The features such as conferencing, webinars, call centerschat and voice mail allows for individuals or companies to operate seamlessly despite different geographical locations. Support from the manufacturer is simply outstanding as there knowledge base and support team go the extra mile to help you. To get the licensed vendor partnership take a while but its worth it in the end. The limitations to making multiple outbound calls through one gateway makes becomes frustrating when 2 or more people try it at the same time.


I have managed 3CX for my company for over 6 years. With a variety of hosting options, you should be able to fit 3CX to your environment and wallet size. Even having an always on backup server is an inexpensive, but necessary endeavor that will keep your employees and clients happy.

New Features added regularly inexpensive multi-platform mobile fully featured for call centers or standard business pbx High Available backup PBX.

Fantastic product, we left Mitel for 3CX and have never looked back. Highly recommend it and would dare anyone to copy us. The team has done a fantastic job at building a PBX that is easy to use, very well featured and fairly bulletproof. Even being Windows-based, all of my installs are rock solid. But what really sets 3CX apart from the rest of the pack are the mobile tools.

Included in the system is a provisionable mobile application for Android and iPhone which extend the range of the traditional PBX outside the traditional physical boundaries of the office. Major software updates have a habit of reorganizing softphhone control panel. Very often we install it siftphone existing Windows based hardware that is used for other purposes as well without any issue.

There are plenty of good plugins and it has been able to handle everything we’ve thrown sofpthone it.

Not too much to say here as I am a big fan, but I think if softphohe it would be nice if it was truly multi-tenant. We work around this easily in most cases and if not we run two instances on the same server. I love that i canbe reached without givong out my personal number.

This way i know when sovtphone calls are coming through and personal calls. Easy, user friendly interface and semi customizable! The app allows me to take office calls while I’m at home or out of the office, without giving out my personal number.

3cx softphone

Ive got my own extension and voicemail. From our office phone we are able to see if our guests hotel are using the phones in their rooms amd can easily xfer calls to guests or staff. When the phone rings. We liked the ease of management and the fact our windows admins could handle troubleshooting if needed.

Updates are regular and we have no issues. We also resell the services and the multi-tenancy is great for larger organizations or inside our own cloud. I also like the Free version. Some of our 1 person shops use this as they really only need a basic PBX nothing special.

The integration’s to other software are nice for our clients also. Helps sell the product. Built in conferencing and web conferencing items are great for productivity. The call channel restriction is a pain.

Say I have 9 users and they all are on the phone but some are calling each other. You have to purchase the 16 license. They calculate every call no matter if it is internal. XX external, XX internal. I wish we had a little more control over web conferencing, maybe shared logos. Also you can only use web conferencing in Chrome. Would like to see this expanded on.

3cx softphone

Deployment options allow businesses to choose from a turn-key, hosted solution through providers such as www.